The 5 criteria Laus

Conceptual quality

The ADG Laus Awards recognize the conceptual quality of the pieces presented. The projects should be based on good concepts, as well as the relevance and articulation with which these concepts are represented. Intelligence and ingenuity in the ability to transmit messages through visual language are highly valued.

Formal quality

In addition to rewarding concepts that present a well-resolved execution, the Laus also select formal representations that are high quality, surprising or highly relevant in shaping the content they transmit. The jury will appreciate the solidity, intensity and innovative spirit of those aesthetic ideas that rise above the rest.


The Laus Awards also measure the usefulness of the projects presented. Functional aspects of the pieces as well as the quality obtained in achieving their stated goals will be considered. In this sense, the extent of the clients’ needs will be taken into account as a selection factor.


This criterion refers to pieces that are well executed, demonstrate consistency, attention to detail and quality in presentation. These projects are awarded to those that show the highest level in all components, from beginning to end. The Laus Awards are a barometer for good professional practice, distinguishing between projects that are merely good and those that are excellent.


The Laus rewards innovative projects or campaigns for both their conceptual and/or formal qualities. Pieces that make a contribution through their methodology, scope, means of communication, or their message media, format and visual resolution are also prized. Likewise, these are projects that by experimentation have obtained successful results applicable to visual communication.


In 1964, the board of what was then called the Graphic Designers Association FAD created the Laus Awards. The original trophy was a work by the designer Tomàs Vellvé, a founding member of the association.
The awards have adapted to the changes in the graphic design and visual communication disciplines over time. In 2004 the Laus Students was established and in 2014, the Laus Aporta.
In its 2018 edition, the 48th of its history, the ADG Laus have gained an international dimension and have become established as a major award and a professional event not to be missed. 

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