Graphic Design

La búsqueda que no encuentra

IED Madrid


The topic and the content is a free choice, having to reflect the knowledge acquired in 4 years of career. My choice is about the historical Spanish memory, including an investigation, a conceptualization and a development of the project.


Departing from the family pain, who are doing without rest a search that they do not find will not even think for the legal difficulties that they prevent from doing it, it makes me express all this in an Artist's Book /Installation.


I had the need to help in the reason doing a small honoring to the Association for the Recovery of the Historical Memory, Ponferrada.


Digital impression with a later glazed, dull Art paper FSC with a matt glazed. Impresum. Silk-screen printing of an ink to scratch, covering with totality the book, Dreaming. Bound by hardcover. Engraving the title of the project in the front page.


Jonathan Castro Achaques
IED Madrid